Witch Hazel and Life Lessons

A quick story about this evening and a single mother with $12 in her bank account. 

I have no interest in sharing my financials. But, my topic sentence sums up this week. It won’t forever be that way. Hence, my fervent trek toward law school. Independent Female = Me. 

However, this evening as the girls and I made our Friday evening stroll through Kroger for milk, chapstick and witch hazel (I mix it with isopropyl alcohol for cleaning purposes), $12 continued to sit in the back of my mind. 

As we approached the self-checkout, I left the $4 witch hazel in the cart, deciding that it was the weakest link in my journey to make it to the Feb 1 bank deposit. 

Now, was it going to make us go hungry or cause us pain in any way? No. 

But, as I scanned my last item, an older man tapped me on the shoulder. “Ma’am, I would like to give you this. To you and your two daughters. I hope that’s ok. Please take it.”

My face turned five shades of red. Needless to say, I’m HORRIBLE at taking gifts. I continued to say thank you over and over again as he politely walked away and somewhat just disappeared.  

Now, most would think there are expectations or motives behind a man handing a single woman a gift. But, I do not believe that anymore. I believe God just stepped smack dab in front of my face, stopped me on a Friday evening and reminded me, “I told you I would never leave you, and I am not going to let you fall.” 

God shows up in many forms. And, sometimes when he knows you have the world knocking your door down, he decides to just hang out at the grocery store until you are forced to stop for five seconds. 

My goal with law school is not to make a lot of money. My goal is to give back to others for the rest of my life after gaining an education in the legal system. 

And, just for tonight, I get to rest easy for the next few days, after being reminded that my hard work will pay off. My goals are important. And, I am not forgotten. I am simply just being given the reigns to make my own twists and turns every now and then. 

And, trust me, $112 will make you the richest person in the world. 

Keep going! Don’t give up! You are needed!

(Oh! And, the man was wearing a U of M shirt. No joke.) I mean, in my face right there!!!!

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  1. CHRIS ROSS says:

    Bridgett, truly wishing you, your girls, and family ALL OF THE ‘GIVE BACK’ SUCCESS IN THE WORLD!

    This was so beautiful… as well as beautifully written. Believe it or not, but for other reasons, I needed to read this at this exact point in time! I just happened to stumble on it when opening the WP app to check on some things with my sites, and I was double checking my site logo, mainly to pass time from my mind racing upon the many different things I have on my mind. So, to do this, I tapped on the ‘Reading’ or posts tab from those I follow, and/or to do as I mentioned in checking my site logo. I didn’t even know it was you, at first, my eye was caught by another post of yours with the upward view of skyscraper like buildings, which then brought me here.

    Like you, I absolutely believe God works in many different ways, as do I also believe, in that NOTHING happens just by chance. So, with simply leaving it like that, thank you for being a vessel, in that for me, at this very moment in time, and my life, I needed to hear your words, while also knowing they came from a real person, who had directly experienced the core lesson, and not just being someone writing an article from someone else’s experience.

    May God bless you… and, when needed, remind you of your own words, in that ANYTHING AT ALL important to you or those close to you, and who you love, are absolutely important. A take away for me, in no doubt being understood by you… I need to realize and know that if it is so very hard for me to ever ask anyone for help, that I need to be mindful of that, and be more aware that God may be using his many different methods of reaching us ans taking care of us through others who may either be acting on impulse from their gift of intuition whether religious or not themselves, or someone directly obeying the direction of God to offer me help without my even having to ask, and especially since it’s so hard for some of us to make ourselves vulnerable enough to ask for in the first place. And, unfortunately, in the world today, ESPECIALLY if you are a man.

    Basically, to sum it up, thank you! And, for the record, I am a good listener if you ever need a friend. My contact info should be in my profiles for those in my friends list. Take care of yourself!


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