The 8th Floor

Well, today was most certainly one of those days. When you end it, sinking into the bathtub balling your eyes out because most of nothing went right, and you just barely made it out without losing it completely.

Although, I wanted to sit in a pity party regarding the day and how everything “happened to me”, I didn’t.

I decided to recount the day as it went by

My day had been planned for weeks. We were so excited to meet a new doctor who could possibly help answer some questions for Skyy. Even she was excited to ask the doctor about all of her new “brain” activity. We got dressed, made sure to pack the snacks, the masks and some reading material.

And, off we went to downtown Memphis to make some headway with some questions. Yay! All is well.

Not so much.

First, I arrived at the wrong hospital. My fault. We’ve only been to the pediatric “perfect, loves kids, has toys, greets every child with a smile” hospital downtown, and I never really thought we would be going to the main “real people” hospital. But, that’s ok. Lesson learned.

So, we made our way around the block, tried four different parking lots and wound up 30 minutes late shoved into the parking garage a block away.

By this time, I had lost my cool and was moving WAY too fast. Skyy and her cane on one arm, and a Sunny with red sparkly shoes on my left.

And, this is where it happened.

As we rushed to the elevators, an older man, hunched over with his mask, stopped me politely. “Ma’am, I can’t seem to find Floor 8. My doctor is on the 8th floor and there’s just no way to get there. Can you help me?”

I didn’t.

In a hurried rush, thinking I was the only person who mattered that day, I said, “I’m sorry. I have no idea.”

We rushed along. Out the elevator, up the sidewalk, past one building, past another and into the hospital. Ironically enough, we were turned away for capacity reasons due to COVID.

As I sit here with tears in my eyes tonight, I not only realize that I shunned a man who needed help, but I ignored others we passed by who just needed a smile today.

My tears are selfish. They don’t help a man to the 8th floor. Nor do they help those at the “real people” hospital feel better about a tough day too.

Today, I failed. I stepped out of my comfort zone and complained. I should have stepped out and helped others who are going through an even harder time.

Moving forward, I’m going to help that man make it to the 8th floor. Because, I know now that God will refuse me at my destination and redirect me back to those who need me the most.

Major lesson today. I’m going to do better tomorrow. ♥️

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  1. Brittany Zaccaro says:

    Poor man is still lost in that building 😱


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