It’s Time!

In a little over 12 hours, I will sit down to face a huge mountain I’ve been wanting to climb for years now. Over the last six months, I’ve finally been taking steps toward that mountain, and it is now time to begin my ascent. If I’ve learned one thing in my lifetime so far, it’s to take steps relevant to your progress and not to proceed based on the competition of others.

Thanks to years of sequins, heels, false eyelashes and brilliant pageant coaches, I live with the “you’re only in competition with yourself” mantra.

The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) is simply just that. A measurement, a test, of how far you plan to compete with yourself in order to get better and succeed on your own accord.

Tomorrow is not a hurdle for me, but rather a giant leap toward an education I’ve needed since Skyy was born. When the doctor told me that I would be raising a blind child, I put my wants in life on hold. Skyy was now my #1. I took a job in media sales, which I am incredibly grateful for, and then hustled for 16 years. A hustle I would never ever change.

But, now it’s time. It’s me time. Or rather, as some would say, “it’s go time”.

My expectations for tomorrow at 12:40pm are that I give it my very best. That is it. I told myself that this is just the first of many times I will be tested on this journey to see if I’m still up to the challenge. There’s no score or number that can live up to the standard I put in front of myself. And, that standard is . . . I cannot fail! No matter what happens, I will have moved forward and taken that step.

And, that my friends is one big fat ACE!

Here’s to analytical, logical and reading comprehension tests . . . Ok, let’s do this. 😜

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