“Beginning Again”

“Beginning Again” – My Story of Sobriety, Success, Humility and True Love June 25, 2020
One year ago today, I quit drinking and, One year ago today . . . I got my life back.

Simple as that.

I haven’t mentioned it before, because I made a promise to myself to make it to a very important goal. One year. And, guess what? I made it! And, now I’m ready to talk.

So . . . Here’s my story.

You see, it wasn’t like before. In your 20’s, you have a drink to have fun. In your 30’s, you have a drink to chill. However, the older I got, the more “tough life” I had been dealt, and the angrier I became in general.

I was no longer using alcohol to just chill or to just have fun. I had now begun using it . . . To Cope.
To try and lift the burden of the trauma I had seen and endured. One sip, and man was I there. Ready to chill. But, then, every single time, there sat that anger, that resentment, the hurt . . . and the filter was GONE!
All of my demons would just roll out one by one. And, there is NOTHING good about that! The massive amount of anxiety after drowning it all with alcohol was relentless and gave me absolutely zero relief.

I was reaching for the wrong glass . . . It was simply just an empty solution layered with brick walls and sadness.

That glass gave me zero confidence, zero closure, zero happiness and zero ability to move on and take back control of the happy Bridgett that everyone knew and loved.

My focus was becoming severely poisoned.

My spirit had been crushed. The happy-go-lucky me was not there anymore, and my anger just kept snowballing. Whew! And, man, did I get upset. Some deserved it. Most didn’t. But, I’ve learned that those who really love you, will always love you. No matter what. That’s true love.

Thing was, I knew in my heart that I didn’t feel “normal,” but was too hell-bent and independent to ask for help.
Needless to say, life hit me like a ton of bricks – probably from that brick wall I mentioned above. And, with my face literally on the floor, I knew one thing . . .
The only way to go was UP! (“Sing” movie quote 😊)

And, that was it. I knew from that day forward that no amount of alcohol, no hateful human, no depression nor pent-up anger was going to keep me down.

So, I stopped. 100%. Pushed through a hell-of-a-hard twelve months, and here we all are.
Yoga, beautiful babies, a new home, a green garden, amazing friends and family, the coolest new Freelance Writing career, Soon-To-Be Editor, a newfound freedom, true and utter joy and happiness and dammit, the luckiest girl in the world!

And zero alcohol made it happen!

So, there ya go. That’s my story. Woohoo! One year and a lifetime ahead of all of us! Deep breath in . . . annnnnnnnnddddddddd, deep breath out.
It’s all going to be ok.😊

I love you all! B ❤️

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  1. CHRIS ROSS says:

    So happy to see you have found a happy niche in life… I am still struggling with trying to find my overall true happiness, so, please know, your words and posts help! You have a beautiful little family of precious little ones I know you adore! I hope you continue down this path and find more success and happiness than you ever thought possible!

    P.S. That post of you in a yoga 🧘‍♀️ pose in front of a swimming pool that looks a little familiar, & made me smile and think back to happy days, fond memories, and a much easier time, even if it’s not the pool I’m remembering.


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