Skyy’s Robe and Hook

Seems simple. An easy task. Wet robe, hang it up. It dries. Wear it the next day.

Such an easy task. We all do it everyday. Right?

Not so much in this house. A robe on a hook is a life long journey of, “No, I can’t!” “I can’t find it!” “Where is it?” “You have to do it for me!”

“No!” “We can’t!” “We are not going to do it for you Skyy!”

Followed by the,

“Yes, you can Skyy! You can do this!”

We all moved into this house two years ago. Mom, Skyy, Sunny and then James and John came along. Skyy was somewhat independent, but nowhere near the young lady she is today.

But she struggled with the, I cant’s”. “The “Where is its.” The “I can’t find its.” Nonetheless, her “I cant’s” were somewhat exhausting. So, we stopped. And, we all decided to lead her to where it all WAS, where she COULD and why she WILL!

So, life just kind of came to a hault. God filled this home with all of us. And, we did it! We listened. We laughed. We loved. We yelled. We cried. We ate. We cleaned. We made messes. And, we all just were.

And then,

Skyy listened. . . .

She found her way. Amongst the noise. The music. The sounds. She learned that she could find anything on her own by listening and moving.

In her brain. In her memory. In her courage and in her thoughts. Her positive thoughts. Her “I Can” thoughts. Sunny led her. The boys got quiet and watched her.

And, then, she did. She found her room. Her bed. Her CD player. Her closet. Her clothes. The kitchen. The living room. Her home.

And, then one day . . .

She found that hook far away, down the hall past the rug, around the corner, behind the door, above the toys, in the bathroom above that halfway hung shower knob where she could hang her robe up perfectly to dry.

Why do we see? To hang robes to dry?


We find our hook, and we hang our robe.

And, then we see what truly matters. We can. I can. We will absolutely all do this together. We can see.

So, when you hang your robe on that hook, remind yourself that you did a darn good job of even just finding it in the first place.

Skyy is blind.

Good job you guys.

Love, B, Skyy, Sunny, James and John.