Be strong. Not mean. Be beautiful. Not arrogant. Be smart. Not degrading. Be whimsy. Not flimsy. Be humble. Not a doormat. Be sweet. Not a treat. Be passionate. Not hateful. Be driven. Not given. Be outspoken. Not scared. Be broken. Not dead. Be love. Not hate. Be you. Love all. Be

The Roma Tomato Boycott

Apparently, Roma Tomatoes are quite the fashion these days. Haha. Ok, so here’s the story. Aldi, you are supposed to be so easy. She just needed Roma Tomatoes. Roma Tomatoes. I’ve now been taught true patience regarding Roma Tomatoes. Am I done yet? NO! I’m not done yet. I’m going to write a darn storyContinue reading “The Roma Tomato Boycott”

Sunny Grace

I tend to wonder why days are so hard. So busy. So monotonous. Then there’s this small amount of strength to capture that one moment. When one special girl finds her moment. Her amazing fashion. Her perfect personality. Her undeniably different. And, I was super honored take her picture. “. #lifeisgood #sunny #herhat #sunnyshat