A Pinch

Positivity is so easy – Especially with children.

Just add a pinch of positive and let the imagination do the rest . . .

Instead of saying, “I can’t understand them.”

Try, “People with accents are so cool!”

Instead of, “Don’t stare at the wheelchair.”

Try, “Wow! Isn’t that the neatest seat that moves!”

Instead of, “We don’t talk to people on the street.”

Try, “Smile! I bet they will smile and wave back!”

Instead of, “That’s an old, yucky car.”

Try, “People sure did make some cool cars years ago!”

Instead of “Ugh, that child is being so loud in the other aisle!”

Try, “Sometimes we all have a bit of a meltdown. It’s ok.”

Instead of “Oh, they couldn’t afford the nice jacket for school.”

Try, “We should introduce ourselves!”

Instead of “Rainy days are boring.”

Try, “Grab an umbrella, lets go dance!”

I fail daily with responses like these. But, that’s why I like to write. Sharing what I try to learn everyday is important for me too.

It Sure is Going to be an Awesome Day!!!

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