The Storm

At some point during your storm, end the chase, plant your feet firmly in your ground and choose to bloom wilder, bolder, brighter and stronger than ever

before . . .

And when that next storm looms, you boldly and loudly shout, “Rain down, toss the winds, bring the thunder, crash the lightning. You will not break me. I am planted firmly.

I am strong!!!”

Enjoy the rain drops falling down on your face, let the wind move through you, listen to the thunder’s rhythm and watch the lightning’s guiding light. The storm is now your growth not your death.

This is your life. No one else’s. Yours. Be beautiful. Be bold. Be bright. Be you.

Published by Bridgett Jordan

Currently nestled in a small town in Tennessee with my four babies, my thoughts often become so detailed and wild that I have no other option than to type them out as fast as possible to share them with the world. So, here I am, a single mother with a completely blind 15 year old, a four year old spunky little girl and two year old twin boys. Sometimes I wonder why my stories would be of interest to you, but then I write them down and that just feels right!

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