How to get out on your own

How to Financially Get Out of an Abusive Relationship:

Life Hacks for those with children needing to get out on their own.

First of all . . .

You can get out. Get down to the details. Literally down to the penny.

This is what will save you.

Three Words.

A Daily Budget.

If you spend a dollar on a bag of Doritos, that is 5% of your daily budget.

Eat those Doritos like a boss!

But, realize, you have to count that chip as a chunk out of your daily Doritos.

So, here we go,


The Minimalist with four kiddos.

#1. Sex is not Love. You have no money. You want to spend every moment with your children.

#2. Listen to me. For just a second.

#3. You CAN make minimum wage and take care of your babies on your own. You can also not have a job and take care of your babies.



Use towels and and wash them everyday. Paper towels are expensive.

#5. Hygeine

Find a bar of soap. Not body gel. Get yourself a small car and use your social security number.

Thing is when you’re up you give, when you’re down you ask. Just remember, what falls down, always comes up. For air.

You will survive.

#5. This is a democracy. Go to WIC. Ask for food stamps. You just created a human. Ask for help. There is nothing wrong with that. You can live off of bread, milk, cheese, beans and cereal. Yes, you can!

#6. Adults with money will not help you. You must help yourself. Rich people don’t care about you. You have to care about yourself enough to be happy. And, you will be happy.

#7. Wake up. Even if it’s 6pm. You are not bound by the 8-5. You are you. Your time is yours. And, so are your children. They get the vacation of growing up in real time. Real life. What they learn in reality. Never get caught up in the nonsense of when other people say you have to live.

#8. Teach your children to pay for themselves. If you can clothe yourself at the goodwill, your children can create a business.

#9. Drink Milk. This will save you from having to go to the doctor. If you can coat your stomach in this magnesium, you will most likely save your life and clothe yourself in life.

#10. Taking time. Waking up. Reacting to your first Hollywood scene. Seeing your first love. Needing more time at the gas pump. Caring. Take time. You are you. Just be.

You. Go through the process. When you do, you will only know.

Being ok. But, letting others be a part of your process. We all know. We just need others beside us as we go.

Love. 😉

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