The Roma Tomato Boycott

Apparently, Roma Tomatoes are quite the fashion these days. Haha. Ok, so here’s the story.

Aldi, you are supposed to be so easy. She just needed Roma Tomatoes. Roma Tomatoes.

I’ve now been taught true patience regarding Roma Tomatoes.

Am I done yet? NO! I’m not done yet. I’m going to write a darn story about Roma Tomatoes and why I currently now boycott them from the face of the earth.


A sweet old lady in the grocery line before us wanted some Roma Tomatoes. Not the regular tomatoes that were twenty cents cheaper.

James is screaming.

She needed the Roma Tomatoes that were, unbeknownst to her, more expensive. Twenty cents a pack more expensive. We waited. We waited. We waited. Oh “Lordy yes there’s a mananger!” “Yeah those are Roma Tomatoes, they are twenty cents more than the regular Tomatoes. We are going to have to cancel and void out the Roma Tomatoes so that we can ring up the regular Tomatoes.”

James is screaming.

Cashier: “Can we just give them to her at the Roma price?”

The manager seemed to say, “Noooooooooo, you as an old lady do not deserve twenty cents less of a Tomatoe. So, we must ring you up at full price for your Roma Tomatoes.” And, me: “Noooooooooooo


Forty Cents is so worth it!”

People gathering. Managers consoling. As, James screams bloody murder.

“He’s got a poopy diaper people! Somebody pay the freaking forty cents.”

“Give her the regular Tomatoes. Holy moly!!!”

James is screaming.

Meanwhile the backstory is that James is sitting in the stroller in a pool of a diarrhea diaper from a horrible decision for me to homeschool from McDonalds. It’s horrible. He’s screaming. Life is no more. We must all die at this point of his horrible screaming of skin to diaper rash! Grociers running, shoppers a flailing people throwing food in the air. “Just give this boy a new diaper for goodness sakes!”

James is screaming.

Then, life calms. The sweet old lady opens her wallet and three dollars fly out. Miraculously she pays for the over priced Roma Tomatoes. She does not look happy at the stake of losing her forty cents. Meanwhile Jamesy is a mess. There’s no cure for the nothing that just happened. Just a walk away from the crumbling of an Aldi nation as we know it. Line 4 will never be the same.

Somebody give me forty cents for goodness sakes!

We return home and all is good.


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