The Waitress

Yesterday for Easter wasn’t spent in between the walls of any place exciting. We slept, made breakfast, hung out together and then took a walk. Most days, I think nothing is going to happen, then, it just does. We gather up our clothes and shoes and take a brush to our hair and say “Let’s get outta here!”

And, we do.

Yesterday, was no where near the exception. Every time we do, we experience amazing people.

As we walked up the hill to the square, I thought, gahhhhhhh, this is so damn boring. Wrists throbbing from pushing and pulling the stroller, a spunky four year old and an encouraging blind Skyy.

I was being so super selfish. Lost in my own misery. Anyways, we strolled. Mensi’s was closed. Dyer’s was open. “Come on kids, we are getting waters and fries!”

LeeAnn greets us with a huge smile. “Hi, my favorite family! Skyy, how are you? Sunny! James and John.”

I’m like, holy moly! I truly needed to be selfishly emotionally vacant at this point given the financial circumstances I’ve lent myself. But!!!!


Then, Jessica and LeeAnn emerged.

“How can we help? Let’s get you some drinks. Water? Lemonade? Tea?”

It was so weird. (Not really) LeAnn said that someone was going to pay for us to have a big dinner. On them! Oh dear, I’m horrible at this donation thing.


We anonymously were asked to order the dinner of the week, most likely the month, because of some “dining in” patrons via the messenger of LeAnn and Jessica.

A Party ensued.

Jessica brought the kid’s table outside with the chairs. It was like a party with ketchup and fries and catfish

With piñatas!

Jessica grabbed up Sunny and Johnny and went walking on the square. And, LeAnn, well, she’s just the angel mom. “You’re going to be ok.” “Hey, I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’ve been there too.” And, we laugh, and joke and talk about life and babies. She didn’t have any babies, neither can Jessica. (That’s another story). But, the second we pass by, they seem to run to love us.

They just seem to run to love us.

What an amazing feeling. To be run towards. To be known. To be loved. To brush your hair, to move and for others to think you are so cool enough to be loved. That’s true love. I never thought I would find it.

There’s a time to be settled and there’s a time to run. There’s a time to be together no matter how long it takes. There’s a second, a minute, an hour, a day a decade to wonder why you’re doing what you are doing. But, I’m pretty sure that that second counts most down here. Take your time to enjoy the most amazing second that it happens.

Love. It will. Be. D

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