As we arrive to the YMCA, a circus of ruckus. Two sweet boys, a little girl with a fire in her heart, and the smartest strongest blind girl ever.

We are met with smiles. Heartache rolling through the door. But, momma sucks it up and rolls through each door with helping hands to guide her. She barely made it out of her back door. So, a few hands to bring her back into the doors of the world, are quite welcomed with a humbleness she’s never known.

We are here. We are all in. The sweet kindness of people who don’t understand the un-normal.

All settled in for some elliptical and treadmill training. More like a fun time with your daughter away from all of the stresses of organizations. We walk. Together. “Mom, where is the accelerate button? Is this the incline button?”

Yes, ma’am. You’re doing amazing! Keep walking sweet girl! I’m so proud of you.

Cool down, slow it down. Treadmill slowly halts.

Man stops me.

“You’re a great mom. My son is autistic and has a hard time too. You’re doing a great job.”

I smile and say thank you so very much.

Then Skyy and I move on to the Elliptical machine.

Five words.

Five words.

24 hours in a day. 365 days in a year. 52 weeks in a year. A million words in a day.

And, five is all it took.

“You’re doing a great job.”

I smiled. I calmed. I remembered. I wrote.

I changed the world.

Then I remembered.

I did nothing. Love did.

Tell them why they are amazing. Say something positive.


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