What is “Normal”?

When you allow your children their own vision, they will see themselves as themselves. Blind, odd clothes, loud, funny, happy, smiling and loving everyone around them. Just don’t hurt yourself or others, you tell them. And, you are the most beautiful and sweet child.

As I write this today, John has torn down the bath shelf, James has catapulted himself into the doorway and Sunny has fallen like twice. On her knees. No scars I might add.

That was all within an hour of our day . . .

Skyy got up from her cd studio and quietly shut the door to all of the chaos. 🙂

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, we try so hard to fix our kids. To make them better. More disciplined. More normal. Why?

Why in the world do we need normal? That changes nothing. And, change is everything.

How can we ask for a normal child, when we ourselves are so proud to make a difference.

So, love, you know they are born exactly the person they are. Wild, amazing and free.

And, who am I with my littered past to tell them they need to change?

To fit in.

To be weird with the normals?

Heck no. Move on and be you. That’s why you’re here right?

Tell your kids. Be themselves. Amazing and weird and fun and happy. Be weird. Because that is sooooooooo not normal.

I love you Skyy, Sunny, James and John.

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