The Attic Up, Up and Away

So, I have this place in my attic. It’s where I go when life is overwhelming. When I need to hear my own breath. I get to just leave. So, close and so far away. It’s comfy. It’s a story up. Up an attic entry. Littered with pretty clothes, family pictures, pillows, blankets, tiaras, six-inch heels, evening gowns, an occasional pair of tights, hung lights and poems and me.

And, I just sit. Most nights. Night light on. I listen to music.

This is where I know I am going to be ok. Away from everyone. Just me. My memories of why I tried at all. I’m glad I don’t write a lot up here. It certainly would create for a wave full of mess.

Happy New Year loves!!!!

We have all got an amazing journey to do together. . . Get prepared!

There’s no year like the one you need the most.