That depth perception

Sometimes the peace we feel at the end of the day isn’t because of the battle won.

Sometimes its because of the battle fought.

That moment after the uproar, the silence after the contradiction.

No winners. No losers.


It’s that moment of silence at the end of the day when you sit, slow, open your eyes, and hear the sound of nothing.

And in that silence, that nothing . . . that may be the reason, and the only reason, you even fought at all. Peace. Peacefulness.

The balance between fighting so hard for the good and then stopping to reflect on why you even fought for it at all. Reflection.

You can either sit and smile. Or sit and frown. Either way, you will wake up tomorrow and see life differently.

It may be a tough next day.

But, you know what?

That is called change.

A beautiful change.