Someday . . .

Dear Mommas,

No, your life will not always be filled with diapers and wipes. Your days will not always be awoken with crying and laundry. Microwaving the Boyardee will be a thing of the past. Shoes will no longer litter your hallways. Toys won’t make their way into the toilet. And, the fight for the last cookie will be a hazard that you quite possibly may one day enjoy . . . But, in a throwback video. 😉

No, your life will not always. Be this way.

They say.

But, your life will be someday today.

Someday, whey they’re older, they will tug on your shirt for a hug. Sweaty, but tugging.

Someday, they will ask a million questions.

Someday, they will look up to you.

Someday, they will need you.

Someday, they will move one.

Someday, you will have taught them as much as you could possibly know about life so that THEY

are the very best humans for this world.

Someday when your older, they will tug at your heart so hard, that you won’t be able to breath. And when you do


That day you will notice a silence

The most deafening sound ever

Your life not being filled with diapers and wipes and toys anymore. and . . .

A million questions unanswered.


Well, you know.

You find that only one someday when all you need in life is to hear at this moment is . . .

“I love you mom”.