The Less Traditional

I’m a mom. You can call me a “single” mom. But, honestly, that seems a bit redundant.

I’ve never been married. The only people I’ve said “I do” to are to my children.

Marriage in the traditional form just isn’t my thing. To me, it doesn’t make sense.

I’m married to my children. Abortion was never an option. And sex is not love.

Whew! Ok, I said it. So, here goes the rest . . .

You won’t see my wedding ceremony in pictures.

You won’t see my baby bump with days counted down.

You won’t see my kids in the latest initialed smocked clothing with smiles while grabbing the fresh cut grass.

And, you’re sure not going to see my initials hanging on my front door in wood frames.

You’re pretty much not going to see what you thought you might see from me.

But, here’s the truth.

What you will see. . . .

A beautiful blind kid asking a thousand questions. With walking canes and Braille. Echolocation! It’s hilarious, because when you meet all of us, we will probably be yelling random things to make sure Skyy can hear our location. A bunch of kids yelling at a blind teenager so she knows where we are . . .

It’s super cool.

You will also see,

A three year old dressing herself in ballet skirts and boots. Running around with “her babies” as she calls them. Listening to stories of princesses riding skateboards and Moana on the “Bluetooth.” Jumping with Skyy on her exercise ball and laughing so hard, “Mom, make a video of us!”

You get to see,

“The boys” . . .

Two rough and rowdy toddler twins hurling anything they can around the house. Finding every piece of dirt to put in their mouth. Yelling because it’s the last bite of food on the their plate. Creating loud “bumps” in the other room after running into goodness knows what.

Falling over vacuum cleaners and throwing the bouncy ball all over the house.

Side Note: You might think my house is messy. It’s not. No, but seriously 😉

What you will see is the coolest love ever.

The best life you never thought you could have imagined.

There’s not one day that I’m not proud to be a part of all of this. To answer those questions from a blind child, to find that pink ballet skirt, to catch those toys catapulted in mid-air, and to spend the rest of my life teaching each and every one of my children what true sight is.

I’m like super In love.

It the coolest thing.

Why am I writing this? I don’t know. Maybe I have a lot to say at this point.