Gran gran

Woke up this morning. Super energized. Apparently the representative from Daylight Savings Time had given me one extra hour of sleep that lasts for one night out of the year. It helped. So, kids were dressed. Boys looking all dapper. Skyy in her best for choir and Sunny looking super cute in her blue dress. I didn’t look too shabby either.

The rain. Well, that was ok. Church was on my “to do” list and it was happening. So, I thought.

Apparently wind, rain, double strollers, church parking lots, a four year old, twins, umbrellas and only two hands don’t go together. Or more fitting, don’t work together.

I cracked. Might’ve uttered a curse word, or two on the church’s sacred ground. Kidding. No, but seriously . . .

“KIDS! Get back in the car. We’re out!”

So we just drove. East. Grabbed a coffee and just drove. Skyy stayed with mom to sing in the choir. Well, because she’s an angel and that were she needs to be.

But, me and the littles, we just drove.

Fall is beautiful in Tennessee. The reds and oranges and yellows. Cows. Pastures. Horses. Had a nice little church time there for a while with God and his creations and some cool local church signs along the way.

“Fall into church”

“Fall into faith”

“Fall in love with Jesus.”

And, you know what? I realized . . . I wasn’t driving.

I was being driven. Right were we needed to be.

Sometimes a little wind and rain isn’t about keeping you were you are.

It’s about pushing you away so that you are going right were you need to be.