God Gave me You, Skyy

Sometimes I wonder why God gave me the opportunity to love Skyy so much. Then I wake up and realize.

Love is all that matters. It’s the most beautiful thing you will do everyday. Money won’t fix anything. Things won’t fix anything. Laws won’t fix anything. Status won’t give you anything. The past nor the present will fix us.

Being real will.

Let go.

Be in love.

Forget all of what they say matters.


Let go. Be blind. Hold your arms out wide and fall. However your fall, make sure you find a focus. A love. A reason to live. To wake up. To be all of you. Together. We love you.

Can I be you?

The one finding love?

We tried so hard together. Now we get the second chance.

Ok, hand in hand. I will love you, because I love you. And, it’s all going to be ok. I love you, Skyy. That’s all that matters.